What is Genetic Counseling?

Maureen Smith, a researcher at Northwestern University, explains that patients who receive results of genetic tests are often offered genetic counseling, Genetic counseling looks at your family history, and aims to help patients understand their risk of developing certain disorders, genetic tests, and test results. Counseling may be provided by a doctor, or a genetic counselor who will have specialized knowledge of genetics and healthcare.
What a Genetic Counselor Can Tell You

Dr. Rex Chisholm, a researcher at Northwestern University, explains that a genetic counselor is a trained professional with expertise in understanding genetics and in conveying that information to patients. By discussing genetic results with a genetic counselor, patients should gain a better understanding of the results they receive and the options available to them in terms of healthcare.
What is a Genetic Counselor?

Dr. Ingrid Holm, a researcher at Boston Children's Hospital, explains that a genetic counselor is someone who has a Masters Degree in genetic counseling, who is trained in the fundamentals of genetic science, and also how to discuss genetic diseases with individuals and families. Genetic test results are often returned by genetic counselors.
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