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What is Pharmacogenetics?

Dr. Dan Roden explains that if you give the same dose of a drug to a large number of people, responses will vary. Some people will have a great response, some will have no response, while others will experience adverse side effects. Some of this variability resides in our genes. The science of pharmacogenetics is the science of trying to understand the genes that contribute to the variability of drug action.
Can Genetic Testing Improve Healthcare?

Dr. Dan Roden discusses how genetic testing has begun to influence treatment of patients. As we understand more about genetics underlying human disease, we are developing increasingly sophisticated ways of managing patients' health. This is particularly true of cancer, where genetic results are increasingly used to guide patient care.
Preventing Adverse Events with Pharmacogenetics

Dr. Dan Roden discusses how the science of pharmacogenetics can help us discover single gene variants that predict potential catastrophic reactions to a drug.
Getting Genetic Information into Medical Records - Tailoring Drugs to Patients

Dr. Dan Roden describes how he and his team at Vanderbilt University are working toward getting genetic information into the medical records of patients at Vanderbilt. The group are using genetic information to tailor drugs to patients, based on the patients' electronic health record.
Sharing Genetic Results With Patients - Important Considerations

Dr. Dan Roden discusses genetics test results and how they may be shared with patients. Although patients are entitled to access their results, he stresses that results are often not black-and-white. He cautions that care needs to be taken in interpreting genetic results.
Sharing Genetic Results With Your Family - Implications

Dr. Dan Roden discusses the issues related to sharing genetic information with family members. Genetic test results that you may receive may have an impact on your family members, as they share much of your DNA. This involves making personal decisions that can be extremely complicated. Similarly, when genetic testing is done on large groups of individuals, this may have important implications for society as a whole.
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