Marshfield Clinic

Genetic Test Results and Electronic Health Records

Dr. Murray Brilliant explains that a number of medical centers are integrating genetic test results with patients' electronic health records, with the goal of improving healthcare.
Genetic Testing at Marshfield

Dr. Murray Brilliant explains that Marshfield Clinic, his group are using genetic information to help determine the choice of drugs and dosage of drugs an individual should receive.
Pharmacogenomics Defined

Dr. Murray Brilliant explains that pharmacogenomics is simply the idea that an individual's genetic variants can help determine how they may react to a particular drug.
Genetic Testing to Predict Your Response to Drugs

Dr. Murray Brilliant explains that genetic testing can help determine what drug is best suited to you.
Drug Response is in your Genes

Dr. Murray Brilliant explains that people do not all respond in the same way to the same drug. For some drugs, we can now use genetic testing to help guide a patient's treatment. Dr. Murray uses the analogy of an umbrella - genetic testing can help us forecast responses to drugs, so that we can help prepare for a specific response.
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